Identifications and contingency evaluations

This area consists of identifying risks, defining policies and procedures for the control and mitigation of the hazards identified in accordance with relevant regulations.

Strategic Risk Assessment (ISO 31,000)

• Operational Risk Assessment.

• Technology Risk Assessment.

• Counterparty Risk Assessment.

• Environmental Risk.

• Risk and Physical Security.

• Risk and Security Information Systems.

• Technological disaster recovery plan (ISO 27.001).

• Cybersecurity

Operational Continuity Assessment (ISO 22,300)

• Evaluations Critical functions of the organization (BIA-RIA).

At RCML we apply analytical tools first to identify, at any given moment, the true perspective of an organization within society and by its stakeholders, then measure the essential risks it may face, and thereby define the necessary mitigation and management plans to adopt in the event of an emergency or crisis. We build the programs to prepare the organization to face the unexpected or the unknown, deploying the Adaptive Reaction Capacity method designed by Prof. Daniel Diermeier.