Carlos Francisco Cáceres C.

Commercial Engineer, Catholic University of Valparaíso, MBA Cornell University, ITP Harvard University. Carlos Francisco was Minister of Finance and Interior. He is currently a member of the Academy of Social, Political and Moral Sciences; Vice President of the Mont Pelerin Society. Business director and university professor.

Vice President Associate

Hugo Silva R.

Partner, director and vice president of the Board of Directors of RCML. During his 42 year career at General Electric, Hugo was responsible for the Operational Continuity, Ombudsperson, Control of People’s Risks, and Infrastructure, Mitigation of Damages due to Fraud, Evacuation of work personnel under threat, spokesperson and crisis management in industrial, financial and human resources sectors. He was Regional President of General Electric (GE) for Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, Regional Director of GE Mining for Latin America, and other entities: HNS Bank, HNS Financial Services, HNS Inmobiliaria, HNS SA, Procollect, GE Polymershapes, GE Chile SA, AMCHAM Chile, and Transparent Chile.


Daniel Diermeier

Current Provost of the University of Chicago. Previously, dean of the faculty of Public Policies of the same university. Professor at Kellogg School of Management and professor of political science at Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences. He is co-founder and former director of the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems.

He is the author of the book “Reputation Rules: Strategies for Building Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset” (McGraw-Hill 2011), which was translated into Japanese and Mandarin. He is the co-author of “A Behavioral Theory of Elections” (Princeton University Press 2011). His work has been published by numerous academic journals in the fields of administration, economics, political science and has been featured worldwide in the media such as the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, Business Week, Financial Times, Fortune, The New York Times, Newsweek, Nikkei Business, Chicago Tribune and De Telegraaf. He has lectured worldwide on crisis and reputation management, boycotts, strategy, activists and integrated consumers, political strategy and regulatory management.

Daniel has directed customized programs in biotechnology, energy, financial services, manufacturing, marketing of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, media management, regulatory management, security administration and transportation administration.

Daniel is an advisor to some of the world’s leading companies, such as Abbott Laboratories, Accenture, AHIP, Allianz, APCO Worldwide, Baker & McKenzie, Baxter International, BP, Boston Scientific, Cargill, the Canadian Energy Channeling Association, the Federal Government of Canada, the Chicago Urban League, the City of Chicago (Mayor’s Office), CIBC, ConAgra, The Dallas Morning News, Edelman, Enbridge, Exelon, FMC, the FBI, WW Grainger, GroupOn, HSBC, IFCO Systems, Intercontinental Exchange Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, McDonald, Metro AG, Metro Cash Carry & International, Nicor, accessible energy, Owens Illinois, Perkins Coie, PricewaterhouseCoopers, REWE Group, Roche Diagnostics, Shell, State Farm , Takeda and UnitedHealth Group.

He has received numerous awards, including the prestigious “Faculty Pioneer” award from the Aspen Institute’s faculty of economics in 2007, called the Oscar of business schools by the Financial Times. In 2001, he was awarded the L.G. Lavengood Westerink at Kellogg School of Management and had received the Sidney j teaching award four times. Kellogg’s levy. In December 2004 he was appointed to the FBI Board of Directors. He has also served as a senior advisor to PricewaterhouseCoopers and is an advisory member of the Board of Directors of Quantum Secure, a security management technology company. Professor Diermeier is also a member of the Chicago Economic Club.


Bruce T. Blythe

Founder of Crisis Management International Inc. (Atlanta), currently R3Continuum. Bruce is recognized as a knowledgable leader in the Crisis and Operational continuity industries. He is the author of the book Blindsided: The manager’s guide to dealing with catastrophic incidents in the workplace. Ex-Marine, a certified clinical psychologist he served as a consultant for the FBI on terrorism and workplace violence. Also in the management of the 1993 World Trade Center attack, mass murders in the United States Postal Service, the bomb attack in Oklahoma, the attack on the twin towers of 9/11, commercial air accidents, hostage rescue in Ecuador, hurricanes Andrew and Katrina, earthquakes in Los Angeles and San Francisco, among other crises. He works as a consultant for qualified companies in Fortune magazines on strategic leadership issues in emergencies. Repeated appearances on Today’s Show of NBC, CNN, ABC 20/20, CBS 48 hours, CNBC, NPR, among many others. Frequent interviews with essential publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Business Week, Smart Money, The New Yorker, Fortune magazine, and USA Today. He serves as the main presenter at around fifty national and international conferences per year.

Fast Company magazine published Blythe’s leadership on the front page of responding to 204 companies on the scene within three weeks immediately after 9/11.

His specialties are:
• Strategic Crisis Leadership (for senior executives and Crisis managers)
• Crisis preparation, response and team leadership, preparation to face cases of workplace violence and discrimination with threats to people
• The human side of the Crisis and support for the return to post-crisis work
• Decision making in Times of Crisis.

Associate Director, Commercial Coordinator

Juan Carlos Délano V.

Commercial Engineer from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile with extensive experience in the financial world. Business Director, Partner and Manager in Investment Funds Administration companies, Stock Brokers and Banks. He was President of Chile Transparente, Permanent Member of the Audit Committee of Transparency International (Berlin) and the Integrity and Transparency Initiative Committee in the financial industry. Member of the Director of the Chilean Association of Investment Fund Administrators (ACAFI) and Chairman of the Real Estate Committee.


Philip D. Somervell

Of English origin and trained at the universities of Oxford and London, and with a diploma at MIT in Crisis Management & Business Continuity, 2019, Philip has been based in Chile since 1993. Analyst and Consultant: Control Risks Group; General Manager, Dun & Bradstreet Inc., Brinks Chile, Brinks Argentina, DHL Express, Axis Logística-McDonald’s. Specialized in team building, business management, logistics, security, information services, advice on risk prevention, security, and crisis management. Director of Consulting at RCML since 2014, leading professional services in Transportation, Real Estate, Financial Services, Education and affiliated sectors of The Business Continuity Institute, London (BCI).


Andrés Van Wersch

Industrial Civil Engineer from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Founding partner of A&A Consultores Amburales Ltda. Partner and consultant of Strategic Crisis Management and other projects in Crisis Management Latin America S.A., president and director of companies. Experience in Management positions and Executive Management in industrial and service companies. Executive Director of Cecinas Winter; Administration and Finance Manager of Soprole, Director of C. Dos Álamos, General Manager of Isapre Vida Tres.

Associate Director, Finance Coordinator

Alberto Frauenberg D.

Aeronautic engineer. Engineer Officer for more than 27 years in charge of the maintenance of airplanes, engines and associated equipment in units of the Chilean Air Force. He was head of engineering and logistics of the Mirage Project of the Chilean Air Force. He completed the high command course at the Air War Academy and was head of the technical section of the Chilean Air Force in Washington DC, USA, for two years. He worked for 25 years at General Electric where he served as a regional manager for military aviation turbines in Latin America. He also performed administration, security, EHS advice, crisis management, and implementation of the BCP for the GE office in Chile.

Associate, General Manager

Francisco Prochaska

Entrepreneur and executive with more than 30 years of experience in leadership positions in national and foreign companies. Systems Manager of Empresas CIC S.A.; founding partner and manager of Trilogic S.A .; operations manager of Dell Computer de Chile Ltda. and, for eight years, General Manager of Risk & Crisis Management Latin America S.A.

Associate Director

Hugo Huepe S.

Industrial Civil Engineer from the University of Chile (President of the Republic Scholarship), MBA from the University of London (British Council Scholarship) and Business Director of the Institute of Directors of London (Certificate with Distinction). Hugo began his career as an Industrial and Commercial Policy Advisor of the Ministry of Economy and then worked as a Business Consultant at Fundación Chile and Knox D´Arcy. Subsequently, Hugo worked for more than 20 years at General Electric for Latin America in different executive positions. He started as a Business Development Manager for Chile, Peru and Bolivia until he became Director of Sales and Prices for Latin America at GE Power. In parallel to his executive career, Hugo has been Director of several national and foreign companies for more than 15 years. Among these companies are SIGEN S.A. (GE), SIGA Ingeniería Aplicada S.A. SGS SIGA S.A. and SOMONTUR S.A.

Associate Director

Cristóbal Silva B.

Managing partner at Fen Ventures. Lawyer of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile; Master in Laws of Northwestern Law School, Certificate in Management of Kellog School of Management. Professor of the “Protection and Financing of Innovation” course at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Director of the Chilean Association of Investment Fund Administrators, of Sensor Capital S.A. AGF, and director and mentor in a large number of technology companies.

Independent Director

Allan Youlton B.

Captain in the retirement of the Chilean Navy, with academic degrees in Weapons Engineer with a mention in Navigation and Hydrography of the Chilean Navy, Hydrographer of the Spanish Navy and Master in Human Resources Management of the Gabriela Mistral University. Trained in High-Level Advisory (General Staff). Allan has substantial experience in Crisis Management, Corporate Relations, Leadership, Team Building, and matters related to the maritime field. Allan has skills in Strategic Vision, Corporate Communication, Administration and Execution, generating added value in the relationship with people, with an extensive network in the Political, Business, Sports, Security and Defense fields. He has proven effectiveness and efficiency in achieving the mission entrusted — high resilience deep capacity for commitment, enthusiasm, and loyalty towards their obligations.