Contingency Management

Contingency Management

• Direct support from RCML consultants with experience in Corporate Crisis or Emergencies in the crisis management committee.

• Coaching and accompaniment to General Manager or executives who manage the crisis.

• Communication support in crisis.

• Psychological support to those affected.

How can we continue to do what we do today, after a business interruption? RCML will not only identify the critical functions of each operation but will also identify and design how your team will work effectively to manage the crisis and resume business at the same time. It will identify key supplier capabilities in a disaster. How can they help and sustain continuity? Throughout the planning process, the answers are revealed before the contingency occurs.


1.- Diagnosis of operation  
Stakeholders Control Panel and Check List
Regulatory requirements Crisis Committee Structure
Policy and Procedures Crisis Scenarios Exercise
2.- Opportunities  
3.- Direct effects of the crisis:  
Brand Security of Assets
Reputation Work Climate
Employee Safety Financial Margin
4.- Indirect effects of the crisis